Sunday, December 17, 2006

Overhaulin' videos

Check out this site!

Hit search an write overhaulin


BadDog said...

Hey Chip,
Got a question for you,
have you ever restored a 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner?
If not would you like to restore mine?!
I don't livein California,im up north,In Washington State,We watch your show Overhaulin,
Im nolonger in any shape to try to restore my car,so she sits in the garage waiting for me to revive her!! I bought her back in 1975 and never got rid of her.
I even bought a 1970 dodge polaris for the engine.
unfourtunatly my kidneys are keeping me from restoring my now dreamcar.
I sit and watch you restore other cars and think to myself,ma if that were my roadrunner on that show,now that would be something!!
hey thanks for that badass show!!!
Alan M. Kulas

bryan chelette said...

hey chip i love u guys show , i record every episode ,any way i have an 85 silveraldo short wheel base it was my first truck .and i work in construction so money isent something i have a lot of .so the restoration has come to a stop,it would really make this young mans dream come true, even if i just had one them bad ass paint jobs

greg mcnair said...

Hey Chip, I have a friend name Larry Doss (he's 54 years old resident of Fontana, Ca)who has a 1983 Corvette. It's a fixer upper, him and I are trying to overhaul our cars. I have a 1978 Jag XJ6. Late last year I recieved a called from his wife Phil, Larry had a stroke and a heart attack at the same time. He is a good friend of mind(like a brother). He had to find a smaller home. In the proccess, he asked me to store his corvette at my home until he can get settled. He's doing better but its going to be a challange for him to Physically complete the project. I watch your show Overhaulin and I was wondering,
Can you help me help my friend's wish of a life time come true? I spoke with Phil his wife and she said, this will be a wish come true.

Thanks in advance,
God Bless You,

Gregory McNair
17398 Marygold Ave.
Bloomington, CA 92316

Anna Antonova :) said...

hi, i dont know if i am writing to the correct show but me and my bf spend about 24 hours a day and we watch tv alot before we go to sleep... Well he watches the speed chanel alll theeee time!!!!
and his favorite show is overhoulin :)
I sow that all u guys do r mucle or classic cars..
he has a 1995 3000gt.. i know alotbout cars and im a girl.. anyways hes a hard working 18 year old boy who tries everything to make it work... he works as a teacher in Ukrainian heritage school well i wouldnt call it a job because he mostly does not get payed for his work... he does everything for free for these kids... so if you wouldnt mind having a hot 95 tuner on your show please write to ..
i thought i might give it a try since he deserves it sooo much ... and hes been in america for 8 years but so far with his own money he didnt buy anything exept that car which he oves soo much!
everything went to the kids or his family in Ukraine...
so please overhaul his car!

Jenny said...

Hey Chip! My name is Jenny. My Dad is an amazing guy, He had a hard
life growing up in and out of foster care. His Dad died when he was 13.
He has had many old cars but always has to sell them to make ends meet.
Growing up we had everything we could want, little did I know we were
loosing our house and Dad got really sick and couldn’t work for a while.
He sold his ‘57 Chevrolet belair to try to make ends meet but we ended
\up living in a motor home on Mom and Dad's friends property.
Now we live in Vancouver Washington. And finally we are doing
alright! My dad bought a 1941 Chevrolet special deluxe a couple years ago.
He wanted to restore it but he tore his rotator cuff in his shoulder and
had to have surgery. Now he doesn't have the time, money, or strength
to repair it. My dad has spent his whole life trying to make ends meet.
He has sacrificed so much to give me my brothers and my Mom everything
we could possibly want, even now I’m 19 and he still does everything he can,
He pays for my schooling even though he really can’t afford it, but he would
never tell. He works 10 hour days just to keep everything just the way it is.
My dad has always wanted a nice car but somehow life always gets in the
way of his dreams. Dad and I watch your show all the time and Dad just
drools every time you restore a car. Please fix my Dad’s ’41 he deserves
it more than anyone in the whole world!! And would appreciate it more
than you can imagine. I hope to hear from you!! or
Thank you so much!!

Cheri Hand said...

Hey Chip,

My husband has a 88 Ford Bronco. He watches Overhaulin everyday, and everyday he wishes that one day his truck becomes one of YOUR projects. He loves your work and this truck! We brought all 3 of my boys home from the hospital in this truck. He has carried baseball teams in this truck. It is his baby. My husband is a wonderful person. He is a great father, husband, and son. This year we received the news that his mother is dying of cancer and may not be with us much longer. With the economy, he also received a pay cut at his job. It has been a TOUGH couple of years. If I could have one wish for him, besides curing his mother's illness, it would be to restore his baby. I know you guys usually work on the west coast but, why not come to the East coast? Or, I am willing to travel. Please help me to make this wish come true.
We love the show,
Cheri Hand
161 Rodman Road
Norfolk, VA 23503

Mizael Lopes said...
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Mizael Lopes said...

ola chip,
não sei se vao compreender meu português, mais la vai...
sou do Brasil, meu nome é Mizael, adoro seu programa sou viciado nele.
pena que agora nao tenho assistido por que meu trabalho esta consumindo minha vida, tenho um logus 1994, se agum dia vc viesse para o brasil gravar algum programa gostaria que fosse comigo, amo meu carro de paixao, comprei ele do meu sogro e ja tentei reformalo varias vezes mais ainda nao obtive exito por falta de verba. toda vez q penso que vou conseguir acontece algo seja na familia ou na minha vida pessoal mais tenho fé em Deus que algum dia vou deixa-lo como se fosse um verdadeiro projeto chipfoose... sou seu fã espero algum dia poder conhece-lo acho que isso vai demorar muito pois minhas condições financeiras nao me dão esse prazer de poder ir ai pra conhecer vocês. mais quando Deus permitir e vou.. ate qualquer dia que Deus te abençõe..

Jenny said...

Mr. Chip Foose,

PLEASE HELP! Time Is Running OUT! My Husband Andre is a huge fan of yours. In many ways your character’s are similar… With limited resources he has always managed to go above and beyond helping and surprising others and putting them before himself. He has remodeled homes for free for many families and has even given up to $10,000 to one family to save their home. He loves to give yet has a difficult time receiving. He bears the weight of the worlds of everyone around him on his shoulders as all of his friends and family members come to him for comfort, bail out and counseling. Unfortunately, things really began to go bad for him after he was the victim of a life changing hit and run motorcycle accident. Doctor’s told him he will never walk again. He was devastated but, did not give up as he walks today but with great pain. As the economy worsened he lost his job as the company was secretly sold. We are loosing our house in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. and was told by the bank that it will be sold in auction on May 21, 2010. Currently, he painstakingly is selling his dream car a 1962 Chevy Impala that he was in the middle of overhaulin’ Needless to say it’s been difficult for him to bounce back. In the past he has purchased several cars to fix up but always had to sell them in order to save his family from financial hardship. It hurts me to see him this way because we all thought at one point that this man was invincible. Can you please help me to restore this car before it is sold? His dream was to keep this car forever! And pass it on to his sons. He’s only 38 years old, has been raised without his father yet even the elders in his family look up to him. Being that he is a strong minded individual he has not let anything stop him from going after his dreams but the accident has limited him. We have been together for 18 years and he treats me and his mother like queens. We have 3 children and they would tell you that he is the greatest dad who ever lived. His mother would say the same about him being the greatest son and his friends about him being a great friend. In fact, he has been the best man in over a dozen weddings. Please Help This Great Man!

Jenny Martinez
8441 Edwin Street (until 5/21/2010)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91730
cell: (909) 544-9782
Home: (909) 920-9340

Unknown said...

Hey CF,

Tried to get Wifey to Write the Letter bro.

Showed her the Show where the guy got a car passed down from his Father with Memories of riding in the back without A/C & all & that he wanted to pass it down to his young son also.

At the end, after the reveal, the father came out & the Son started to Blubber-Cry...which made me do the same:- IN FRONT of my Wifey.

She had this weird look on her face & she got up & left the living room.

I wanted my 1978 VW Westfalia Foosed. I've Got a Chevy V-6 that I myself adapted into the rear of. Ran out of Money to finish due to Kids in School & all. Labour-Day Weekend 2010 my '86 Mazda B2000 Work-Truck with all my tools was stolen. I told my Wifey Wryly that *They* got the wrong Vehicle. It's 8 Months later & clearly I wasn't "Foosed". Auto-Theft hasn't recovered not even a tire-tread of that Truck. I've had to switch to Cleaning Pool Filters for a living since the Theft took away ALL of my Mechanic Tools & Devastated me.

The Westy is in Storage now. I really can't afford to even think about it any longer.

Any Hopes??.

Cheers for what you do AND HOW you do it!!!.

You're the "Holmes on Homes" for Vehicle Enthusiasts here in the States.