Monday, January 7, 2008

The greatest designers of them all; Chip Foose!

Me and Chip looking at some of his renderings back in '97.

My name is Richard and I'm from Norway. I have been a big fan of the FOOSE for almost two decades now.
I met chip for the first time back in the early nineties. When he was working for Boyd Coddington at Hot Rods by Boyd. Actually I tried to meet him for the first time in '91 but that was when he and his wife was on a honeymoon. So me and a friend was looking at, if I not remember it wrong, Cadzilla that was pretty much done.
We where not allowed to take any photos of it because Hot Rod Magazine was to take the first shots... :-(

Me and some friends in Chips office at Hot Rods by Boyd '95.
I'm in white...

After finaly meeting Chip in 93 or 94 I was kind'a "hooked". I have been talking to designers like Thom Taylor (at his house in Laguna Hills, CA) and Steve Stanford (Met him at Pete Santinis place, Santini Paint and Body in Westminster, CA) but Chip was the best...
After this I have met him and talked with him several times. A friend of mine from Norway worked for Chip at Boyds place and at FOOSE design. So when I was visiting my friend Robin Hermansen I talked to Chip too offcourse.

Me and my friend Robin Hermansen outside HRbB '97

On this blogg I will try to put up pictures, both mine and others. And stories I find on the net. The Foose is loose...


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