Monday, January 7, 2008

Chip Foose looking to build new Duesenberg with Metalcrafters

[UPDATE: It's not a done deal, just a what-if scenario fielded by Mr. Foose in an Automotive News piece] Word from Automotive News is that custom-car impresario Chip Foose could be plotting to revive the Duesenberg name -- once synonymous with robber-baron luxury -- with SoCal concept-car builder Metalcrafters. The plan would be to produce a limited run of 50 of the elaborately appointed luxo-customs -- rodded out with open wheels. Buyers will likely have to shell out upward of $299,000 -- the price of a Foose Coupe -- for said Foosenburg. We're not sure if such a revival would affect alternate plans by Minnesota's own Duesenberg Custom Coach, which has been fielding plans for the new Duesenberg Torpedo Coupe (see image) -- powered by a novel, rotating powerplant derived from a firefighting waterpump. Either way, it's good to be a mutton-chomping, multichinned fat cat these days

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