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SEMA show 2007

My friend Remi and I went to the SEMA show il Las Vegas this november. We did'nt get the chance to talk to the Chip'ster but we spotted him every now and then. Of course we saw him at the Overhaulin' tent.

Here I am with this years Overhaulin' build!

Here's a picture of how the was when they started. It was kustomized in one week...

Here's Chip's rendering...

Here's Chip and the car after a few days...

Here I am with the pinstriper Chip use on Overhaulin'

Chip and Chris the host of Overhaulin' signing at SEMA! I was in line for getting autographs but all of a suden they stopped. that was a big bummer. Close but no sigar...

Remi and me with Charley Hutton! The great painter from Overhaulin' and ex Boyd....

Here's me and another big car builder! The one and only Troy Trepanier! Great guy!!

Foose interview on SEMA 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Foose on FOOSE!

In a relatively short career, I have created a legacy of designs and accomplishments that are well beyond my years. I was born and raised in Santa Barbara California and automobiles were definitely in my blood. My first job was working for my father's company where I specialized in project design. By age twelve, I already had five years experience under my belt, and had also painted my first car; a Porsche 356. Early on, a chance meeting from Alex Tremulus, the designer of the "Tucker", was actually my motivation to attend Art Center, where I majored in automotive product design and graduated in 1990 with honors. My career profile is staggering; in 1986 I was Staff Designer/ Fabricator for the Asha Corporation, eventually becoming director of design in 1989. I was responsible for conceptualizing new proprietary ideas and fabrication of prototypes for the O.E.M.'s Other work has included: Stehrenberger Design as an automotive designer, creating colored illustrations and conceptual models, Baker Sportronics, as chief designer and fabricator of both models and prototypes of electric vehicles to be used in the NFL and NBL, and of course, going to work with my father and Project Design, designing and building street rods, customs, studio vehicles and show cars for films such as Blade Runner, Robo Cop, and Gone in 60 Seconds, which featured "Elinor". November 1990 brought about the beginning of a relationship with Boyd Coddington and Hot Rods by Boyd, becoming a full time position in 1993, which lead to Managing Director where I eventually became the President of Hot Rods by Boyd. Also i am widely acclaimed for my "Boyd Look" design and creative skills, was responsible for many internationally known vehicles such as: Roadster, Sportstar, Boydster I and II, and Boyd Air to name a few. My venture with Boyd however, ended in 1998. At this time me and my wife Lynne started our Huntington Beach, California based company Foose Design, an automotive and product design Development Company. My company specializes in illustration, graphics, ideation model making, surfacing and complete construction of automobiles and automotive related products. These products are available to private individuals, television, film and the automobile manufactures. In November of 1997, I was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame at Peterson Publishing's 50th anniversary held at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This induction made history for me, being the youngest member ever inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame at the age of 31. In 1998, I was honored at the SMRA banquet and was the first recipient of the Good Guys Trendsetter Award, once again creating another historic moment in the Hot Rod industry. In 1999, I won the prestigious AMBR (America's Most Beautiful Roadster) Award at the 50th Anniversary of the Grand National Roadster Show with Fred Warren's "Shock Wave". Similarly, in 2000 I won the AMBR again with Chuck Svatos' "0032". Overall, I have been involved with six different AMBR winners, including the 1995 winner the "Smoothster", the 1996 winner "Boydster", the 2001 winner "Impact" (designed by me and finished by Barry White), and the 2003 winner "Boydster II' (designed by me and finished by Bobby Alloway). The new millennium also meant new endeavors for me. In January of 2000 I signed a licensing agreement with MHT Luxury Alloys, allowing me to start the production of Foose Wheels. The Millennium was proving to be quite prosperous. I won the coveted 2002 "Ridler" Award at the 50th Anniversary Show of the Detroit Autorama with Bob and Wes Rydell's 35 Chevy Master, otherwise known as the "Grand Master". The year of 2002 was very exciting for me as I was inducted into the Darryl Starbird Rod & Custom Car Museum Hall of Fame. The end of the year closed with a bang for me and my highly acclaimed staff at Foose Design when the Discovery Channel filmed a documentary, which aired repetitively on the TLC network in March of 2003. The documentary featured several of my award winning vehicles, but the show's focus was to give the viewers a chance to witness my visionary talents come to life with a re-design of the 2002 Thunderbird. The redesigned Thunderbird otherwise known as the "Speedbird" received another award for me, as it made its debut at the 2002 SEMA show in Las Vegas, where I was presented the "Best of Show" award from Ford Motor Company. The year 2003 was equally exciting for me. I was honored once again with an induction into the Grand National Roadster Show Hall of Fame. This year was filled with enthusiasm, especially when I received a second "Ridler" award at the Detroit Autorama, which featured Ron Whitesides 34' Mercury Stallion. 2003 came to its pinnacle when I embarked upon a new venture, designing clothing and accessories featuring many of his award winning cars. Throughout the course of my career I have been honored to receive the Good Guys Street Rod of the Year Award seven times, and my cars include: 1990 a 32 two door sedan, 1991 a 29 two door sedan and 40 delivery for Dick Mattiolli, 1995 a three window coupe for Bud Simes, 1997 a 39 Chevy Coupe built by Troy Trepanior of "Rad Ride by Troy" named the "Predator", 1999 a 54 belvedere also built by troy at "Rad Ride by Troy" named the "Sniper", and last but not least, in 2001 I received the Good Guys Street Rod of the Year Award featuring the "Grand Master". 2004 proved to be as exhilarating as the past years, I have started a television series called "Overhaulin", which began airing on the TLC network late April of 2004, please check your local programming for details. 2005 opened with me being inducted into the San Francisco Rod and Custom Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Me and my wife Lynne reside in Southern California with our two children, son Brock; born September 1st 1999, and daughter Katie; born February 16th 2004.

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The HemisFear sold!

The HeimisFear was sold a Barret-Jackson for $330.000,- !!

Palm Beach, Fla. - March 13, 2007 - Rights to the first Foose Coupe available to the public will be sold at No Reserve during the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event from March 28-April 1, 2007, in Palm Beach, Fla. Penned by renowned designer Chip Foose, the Foose Coupe is the ultimate super car, muscle car and hot rod combination. On Wednesday, March 28, Barrett-Jackson and Unique Performance will unveil the Foose Coupe to the Palm Beach audience during the Opening Night Gala. The fifth annual Palm Beach event will feature over 600 of the world's most exclusive collector automobiles, approximately 100 lifestyle vendors and 17 hours of coverage on speed.
"Chip Foose has rocked the automotive industry with another groundbreaking design, and we're thrilled that he has chosen to unleash it at the Barrett-Jackson auction," said Craig Jackson, CEO of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. "From the outrageous carbon fiber body to its Indy car-like chassis, this hot rod is unmistakably Foose. And with only 50 of these open wheeled, hot rod-esque cars available to the public, the winning bidder is assured exclusivity."
The Foose Coupe's elite carbon fiber monocoque cabin is mated to a modular steel space frame and planted to the pavement with a suspension by Hotchkis, Koni coil-over shock absorbers and a 6-piston Baer Brake system. The mid-engined coupe is powered by a Mopar Hemi V8 engine, capable of an estimated 550 horsepower and 520 pounds of torque. All Foose Coupes will be constructed by MetalCrafters, Inc. and available through Unique Performance.
Additional standard accessories include air conditioning, power windows, power door locks with remote, illuminated push button start, tilt steering column, billet steering wheel, billet pedals, optional exposed carbon fiber interior trim, leather seats and interior surfaces. The car also features retractable door and rear quarter glass, optional glass roof, hidden exterior door release, LED exterior lighting, pistol grip shifter, side view mirror-mounted turn signals and custom 18-inch (front) and 20-inch (rear) Pirelli tires.
"I've had this car in my sketch book for years," said Foose. "I originally designed it in 1990 when I was a student at Art Center College of Design, as a project to respond to a niche market; instead, it created a market of its own. People often ask me to describe my dream car, and the Foose Coupe is my answer. It's a 16-year dream that has become a reality."
The prototype, which debuted in October 2006 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, will be prominently displayed throughout the event. The winning bidder will receive a personal consultation with Foose at his Huntington Beach, Calif., build shop to select specific interior and exterior schemes and colors. The final car will be delivered within 16 weeks of the sale.
"The winning bidder of the Foose Coupe will be buying an automotive masterpiece and an experience of a lifetime," added Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson. "Not only will he or she receive the first model available to the public, they will also get to interact with Chip and choose their modifications with the master himself."
Barrett-Jackson continually reaffirms its leadership position in the collector car market by elevating consignment standards, challenging annual records and serving as the barometer for market trends. Last year, more than 275,000 attendees and millions of television viewers from around the world witnessed over 1,600 cars being auctioned off for approximately $135 million at the two 2006 Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Events held in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Palm Beach, Fla.

Oh I wish it was me...

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Cars That Tell a Story, by Design

Cars That Tell a Story, by Design

Each one of Chip Foose's vehicles has a unique inspiration. An exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum puts it all in context

People tend to look back on their lives as if composed of periods: my college years, my 20s in San Francisco, my first marriage. Chip Foose is no different, though he defines those periods by cars. "All of the cars that I have worked on represent a block of time in my life," says the 41-year-old custom car designer, hot rod fabricator, and creative force behind Foose Design. "There is a story or memory behind each of them."
Foose's stable of award-winning creations include modern interpretations of timeless classics, many hand-built from the ground up, all of which will be brought together for the first time at Chip Foose: From Pen to Pavement, an exhibition that opened at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles on Mar. 25.
Visitors will be able to see cars such as the Impression, a coupe inspired by the styling of a '36 Ford, and 1930s European models that won the 2006 America's Most Beautiful Roadster Award. "Almost every piece is hand made, fabricated from scratch", says Foose of the Impression, which has one-of-a-kind wheels and a skin of formed sheet metal.
AUTO ART. The fleet of cars will be displayed along with full-scale plywood frames, sketches, and clay models that break down Foose's creative process and fabrication methods. The effect is an exhibit that educates, entertains, and enlightens.
"I went digging through my archives and cleaned up the clay models and molds in order to show how a car is started and finished," says Foose. "I don't consider these relics of individual design steps to be art; they are tools that lead to the final product." It's the finished car, he says, that is the art.
Without a doubt, the vehicles that roll out of Foose's Huntington Beach, Calif., shop are a notch above most other customs. The Foose team -- which stars in the TLC reality television show Overhaulin' -- excels at illustration, graphics, ideation, modelmaking, surfacing, and the complete construction of automobiles and related products.
IN THE GENES. Foose cars can be compared to the classic autos shown at events like the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and indeed, Foose would like to see his creations displayed there. "My cars consist of all original fabrication, just like the coveted antique models did back then," he says. "And since most of the pristine examples at Concours d'Elegance shows are completely restored, there is almost no difference between what I make now and what the antiques have turned into after the restoration process."
Foose started drawing when he was just three years old, and at seven started going to work with his father, Sam Foose, a hot-rod legend in his own right. "All of my interest is based on my childhood experiences in the shop with my dad," recalls Foose. Years later, Foose attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., studying alongside J Mays and Chris Bangle, now chief designers at Ford (F) and BMW, respectively.
At one time, Foose was almost lured to Ford himself. "It would have been a career, not a lifestyle," says the designer, who enjoys the personal side of creating cars for specific people and seeing those cars 5, 10, and even 20 years later at shows and industry events.
ACROSS ERAS. Foose is better off on his own, and not just because he believes cars should be made to last instead of conforming to the industry-standard five-year product lifecycle. Within the corporate world of the Big Three, a designer's creativity must co-exist with red tape, cost-cutting, and marketing trends. "I never really look at trends," says Foose. "Our cars take years to build, and if I worry about trends, I am not being true to myself."
What is impressive about the body of work on show at the Petersen Museum is its originality and breadth. Foose claims not to have a favorite era of car design, saying that "different elements of each time period are integrated into my designs." It's worth noting, of course, that Foose enjoys a high level of design freedom because he doesn't have to move 50,000 units. "A car needs to fit the individual who owns it," he says. "If they like what I have created for them, then I have done my job."
The designer wouldn't mind working more closely with the big auto makers, though. "I would like to see a brand like Lincoln or Cadillac collaborate with well-know coach builders to create and sell unique, high-end rolling chassis that sell without a body, like the French brands [Bugatti, Talbot-Lago, etc.] used to do," he says. "Let's bring some classy brands back into prominence, like the good old days."
Schwartzapfel, a certified car freak, writes BusinessWeek Online's "Concept of the Week" column. He has studied the automotive marketplace and worked as an advertising/marketing strategist for major manufacturers. He does not write about any car brands for which he currently works

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Foose Design and Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters Shop Tour

Design and Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters Shop Tour

Chip Foose & Unique Performance Build Limited Edition HEMI-Powered ’70’s Plymouth Challengers

SO WHAT if gas prices are breaking one record after another, if people want muscle cars, then that’s what they’ll get. Just a few months after Chrysler’s Challenger Concept came to life, Chip Foose & Unique Performance announced their plans to unveil a limited edition run of a "Foosed up" 1970’s Plymouth Challenger. Equipped with the iconic Hemi V8 and a 5 speed Auto trans, the Foose (re)designed classic Challenger will be shown to public on June 15th, with production following next month.
Press Release: A new line of limited edition supercars based on the 1970 HEMI Challenger from Unique Performance and Foose Design will stoke the imaginations of MOPAR fans worldwide. The two companies will turn a limited number of the Plymouths into world-class performance machines with ultra-cool design and 21st century speed technology. The prototype will be completed by June 15, 2006, and production will begin in July. Unique Performance is the premier manufacturer of signature series American muscle cars, trucks and motorcycles.
“The response to our Foose ’69 Camaro was fantastic, which led to an outpouring of requests for a similar car from MOPAR fans,” said Unique Performance President and CEO Douglas Hasty. “Our 1970 Challenger program is designed to fulfill those wishes with a very, very small run of an even more exclusive MOPAR. Working with Chip, our team will turn a handful of these vintage muscle cars into pink slip winning, Z06 eating supercars.”
The team will transform 1970 and 1971 Challengers with contemporary wheels, engines, suspensions, transmissions and interiors. Each Foose Challenger will be clad in DuPont’s Hot Hues™ custom finish and have a sleek custom interior. Either a 347 c.i.d. HEMI small block or a 426 c.i.d HEMI big block can be mated to the TKO 5-speed transmission. The car will feature a Unique Performance Parts rear suspension, 4-wheel disc Wilwood Brakes, Foose 18” wheels and BF Goodrich tires. Styling cues include Foose emblems, a custom front grill, shaved bumpers and custom hood. Each car will have a unique serial number for documentation purposes.
“I’ve always loved the lines of the ’70 Challenger,” stated Chip Foose. “It may be the quintessential American muscle car from that period. We’re adding contemporary speed gear and updating the Challenger’s style to redefine the vintage car as the ultimate limited edition MOPAR.”
Award-winning Chip Foose penned the Foose Challenger. He is the creative head and driving force behind the respected automotive and product development company Foose Design. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, Calif., it specializes in illustration, graphics, ideation model making, surfacing and complete construction of automobiles and automobile-related products.
“Nobody does it better than Unique Performance and Chip Foose,” added Hasty. “Every car is a piece of art that is equally at home on the track, street or a Concours. With sizzling design and supercar capabilities, the new HEMI powered Foose Challenger will rocket past the pretenders on the road. It’s the ‘bad to the bone’ MOPAR that fans have wanted for the last 35 years.”